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Chloroquine, communist revolution and the millennials generation – The deadly challenges for Brazil and the world

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We are facing moments of great challenges, as occurs in humanity from time to time. Wars, natural disasters, epidemics and other terrible circumstances have always been part of the lives of entire generations of people, at all times and in all places on the planet, even in our peaceful Brazil. Just remember events like the Paraguayan War, the Second World War, the Communist Intentona (1930’s communist attempt to take power by force), the movement of 1964, just to name a few occasions that forced ordinary people to become an active part of these serious historical moments.

What differs the global pandemic caused by the virus originating in China in December 2019, are three factors to know: actual phase of technology of information, the advance of the world revolutionary movement and the “useful” or “operative” generation of our society, composed by people of various age groups, who, unlike all previous generations, have suffered ideological indoctrination since birth and who have never faced major difficulties in life, and are therefore more susceptible to the most diverse behaviors.

With the advancement of technology we have reached an inflection point where each person with minimal economic capacity has a “smart” phone with the ability to access databases worldwide, videos, documents, music, books, films, as well as himself in theory, be able to have your own page on the internet, your video channel, including live streaming, have your profile, personal and professional, on various social networks and, at least in potential, be an active actor in the production of knowledge and opinion of everyday facts.

This speed of information, which crosses continents almost instantly and can “go viral” practically any data or information in real time, has taken knowledge management to unexplored levels, where such “fake news” can confuse or even misinform, reaching the point of , if not confronted, create confusion, which can generate social upheaval and behavioral and opinion changes in a large mass of people.

For this reason, the search for reliable sources of information has become vital in confusing times, such as those we are experiencing today because of the pandemic originated in China. Anyone can, in a hasty way, easily give in to the temptation to seek knowledge and information from traditional media sites and channels that should, in theory, be the professional means of collecting, processing and disseminating information, always obeying ethical and professional standards, and searching for the truth above all, that forged the so-called free press in more civilized times.

However, this is not what is happening today, both in the world and in Brazil, where traditional and digital media vehicles controlled by economic groups and powerful families have, not infrequently scandalously, sought not to provide information in an impartial manner aiming at the common good but rather to manipulate, adulterate, and finally invent news or produce analyzes without any connection to reality.

Therefore, many personal sites or online video channels have gained prominence among the average public. This phenomenon has been occurring all over the world when it is necessary to seek quality and free information, forcing it to leave the so-called “mainstream media”. As a classic example, it is worth mentioning the treatment of SARS COV 2 (the Corona virus) with the greatest prospect of current success, based on hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc, which has been facing fierce opposition from traditional media, while doctors, scientists and analysts have to express themselves through of social media as a counterpoint. We have reached the extreme of two presidents of two big and important countries of the world, USA and Brazil, having to position themselves via social media in favor of treatment with chloroquine, in support of a French scientist boycotted in his own country.

All of this is aggravated by “investments” of millions of dollars from foreign companies, in the case of China, in mass media companies in Brazil. This shows how precious knowledge and information are today, risking saying that the fifth-generation war, in addition to being hybrid, is fundamentally a psychological war of global proportions for the hearts and minds of the average citizens. That is why information and communication and intelligence channels, both formal and informal, are the first line of defense for a society and therefore they should receive all possible attention, whether from government officials or from each citizen in their own social media.

The Chinese comunism

The advance of the revolutionary movement has reached its peak in the world today. Using a stratagem of hellish genius, which made a part of the world believe that would have ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the 90s, it was able to prosper by the so-called “cultural revolution” or “cultural Marxism”, occupying the spaces of speech in the mass media, in universities and schools, audiovisual arts and in practically the whole social sphere, ranging from medicine to criminal justice.

Strength it by its own invisibility, the post-90s neo-communist movement advanced rapidly, where it took almost 100 years to reach, arrived in less than 30, with several countries dominated, in all continents, whether in the state or in the sphere of ideas , by left-wing revolutionary parties and movements, imposing it’s their single vision on every locus of political discussion.

At the same time that it was advancing like a plague, an invisible virus, infecting the whole society and causing a change of mentality, the old way communism, genocidal, atheistic and militaristic was transmuting from the former Soviet Union and Russia, to other countries that started to be the focus of the international movement of the power project dreamed by Lenin and Stalin, in this case China and Cuba.

These two countries, which at the end of the dissolution of the USSR were bankrupt and miserable, with many international analysts betting that they would go fall by themselves, ended up turning the tables, thanks to the traitorous help of large economic groups, large groups of ideological and political power and secret societies, which practically created the slogan “one country two systems” for China, attracting multinational corporations from all over the world to its territory and thus receiving the greatest transfer of financial and technological resources in the history of mankind.

As Lenin said, just use financial greed to attract capitalists and profit by selling the rope that would be used to hang them. This is exactly what happened. While the free world slept their children were indoctrinated by schools, universities and the mass media becoming socialist and revolutionary without realizing it. In addition, the world revolutionary movement decided to close the entire industrial and transformation plants in the West by passing jobs, income and technology to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

In less than 20 years, China left the G20 to be the second largest economy in the world, without even having freedom of speech and freedom to worship God. Today the red dragon has industrial, financial and military resources to face a major war on at least two fronts, in addition to having cutting-edge technology in all areas and factories that can be transformed in a matter of days into production companies of weapons and war supplies. We must not forget that the ultimate goal of the communist movement it’s the total dominance in a global, socialist, totalitarian and genocidal central government. To fully understand that we need to study “Mao Zedong’s great leap forward” in China and the Chinese cultural revolution to discover how that these poor Chinese people were massacred, tortured, humiliated and killed in the number of millions of people by the communists, who are still in power.

China also has organic allies and allies by interest, in the case of organics the communist countries of Asia such as Vietnam and North Korea and, of course, Russia, and in the case of allies by interest, countries such as Turkey, India, Pakistan, Iran and other countries out of alignment with the Western bloc, which, depending on the expertise of Chinese diplomacy, can, at the right time, become as unlikely an alliance in the fight against the West as the Triple Alliance in the First World War.

In the Americas the revolutionary movement was kept alive using Cuba as a refuge and using the so-called Foro de São Paulo as a powerdrive of its expansion. The Foro brought together under its wing all left-wing parties and organizations in the Latin American continent, including terrorists and criminals such as the FARC, Colombia’s PLA.

Also starting from the principle of pretending to be dead in order to steal the grave digger, this movement managed to dominate almost 100% of Latin American governments in just over 25 years, starting as Brazil with the PT (Labor Party). As a result, many countries became destabilized and ended up entering a process of internal revolution, the most evident case being that of Venezuela, which with the support of the Foro de São Paulo and Cuba managed to transform one of the region’s most prosperous and peaceful countries into a great concentration camp, forcing millions of Venezuelans to flee their country and leaving millions more to suffer from hunger, injustice, violence and crime. The utopian idea of paradise on earth has led to one of the most beautiful countries in the world and become a pit of hell. With the new “bridgehead” on the South American continent, the world communist movement was quick to send reinforcements to the country, as happened in Cuba, with news of Russian bases and a lots of Chinese military material and personnel to the country bordering Brazil.

With this current geopolitical scenario, coupled with the ongoing work of psychological warfare and information underway in the left and center left political parties, using the press and having strong allies in the justice system, the current scenario has never been more favorable to a movement of all or nothing in favor of revolutionaries and it has never been so unfavorable for those who fight for freedom in Brazil and in the world.

With all this unfavorable scenario, which has already started with the plague pandemic that came from China, we will have, once again, the destiny of entire peoples in the hands of those in office, key positions, or who have influence, and that is why will be vital in the coming stormy weather.

But, due to several factors, perhaps the results, which will be known at the end of this historical period, are the worst possible. All because this generation that will have the great responsibility to lead the destinies of our people, and an important part of the world, is a generation recognized for being the weakest, dumbest, emotionally fragile, futile, chatty, selfish and alienated in history human, because they suffered left-wing ideological indoctrination from an early age by the educational and university system, in addition to the continuous reinforcement by the mass media.

The Millennials Generation

Today, more than ever, society as a whole desperately needs heroes, in the full, Christian sense of the word, people who think first of the whole, of the country, of others first, who are not afraid to take responsibility , to make decisions, to bear the consequences of their actions, to assume their mistakes and change their behavior for that, to have empathy, a sense of mission, to have a holistic view of their existence, understanding that everything in this world, including life itself, must be below ideals so dear that they brought us here, from Roman barbarism to the great cathedrals and hospitals.

Without this sense of belonging to a culture and a faith that has been passed down from generation to generation for almost two thousand years, it will be impossible to fight, let alone overcome, the serious challenges that are ahead and that lie ahead. A part of the current generation, called “millennials” in the USA, or “mimimi” or “Nutella” generation here in Brazil, shows, in almost everything they do and say, that at the first sign that the storm will be stronger than the common and that, possibly, our society will never be the same (as happened with the countries during and after the great wars for example), they may react inappropriately, to say the least, having hysterical reactions that can go from a burnout to an existential collapse, overloading, or even making essential structures of the country unfeasible when the moment of truth comes.

By the Grace of Divine Providence, all is not lost. An encouraging fact is that part of that same generation is formed by men and women of fiber, with great cognitive capacity, who have led true revolutions of good in all sectors of society, including the Church, seeking knowledge and truth, at any cost, and has managed to maintain stability, faith, constancy, at all times, even with personal sacrifices.

This important part of our generation, which unfortunately is not the majority, are the ones who will make a difference in the crucial moment of crises like the one we are facing now. The heroic strength of these people who are focused, firm and with determination and love for the truth can really save the country’s boat the moment it starts to face danger of sink. It is self-evident that in the midst of a terrible storm that plagues a vessel, it is not enough to have a captain with steel nerves on the tiller, it is necessary that each member of the crew do their part, even if it is to throw the excess water out with a bucket or pray that God will send your help.

Olavo Mendonça is a Major in the Military Police of the Federal District and a specialist in public security. He is an international consultant in the areas of Counterterrorism and Combating Organized Crime and a member of the Monte Castelo Institute.


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On the world revolutionary movement read:
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